Tips for Choosing the Right Aesthetic Injector

Considering getting BOTOX® or Dermal Fillers? Here are some common questions to ask & consider before choosing & finding the best Cosmetic Injector for you.

1.  Can you tell me about your experience as a Cosmetic Injector?

Experience is everything when it comes to choosing your Cosmetic Injector.  At the end of the day, it all comes down to their injecting knowledge and their understanding facial aesthetics & anatomy. How long a Cosmetic Injector has been practicing and what they've done over the years to expand their knowledge & injection techniques, is vital to their professional growth. Inquire and ask about their years of experience, but also be sure to ask about the continuing/ongoing education & advanced training they have received. Whether it's a Medical Aesthetician, RN or an MD, the most important factors are knowledge, training and experience. At Allied Medical Aesthetics, you can feel confident our Master Certified Cosmetic Injectors always stay on the cutting edge of injectables, keeping their finger on the pulse of all industry advancements.

2.  Can you please tell me about the product you use?

Clarify with your Cosmetic Injector that the product they choose to use on you is in accordance with FDA guidelines and regulations. Prior to starting, your medical provider should show you the product they are using for your treatment, including the packaging and expiration date. It's important to know various injectable products are available to purchase (at a much lower price) from overseas. These are not regulated by the FDA and therefore not guaranteed to be fresh, effective or even the product the label claims it to be. This is worrisome when it comes to your health and the outcome of your treatment. The FDA actually has guidelines for all medical professionals to follow. These guidelines state how products should be reconstituted & used to ensure efficacy & longevity.  At Allied Medical Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on using gold standards. We are loyal to the Allergan Family of Injectables including BOTOX®, Juvederm, Volbella, Volume & Voluma.

3.  Do you feel comfortable around this Cosmetic Injector?

Does the Cosmetic Injector offer a complimentary consultation? Do you have an opportunity to get a feel for their personality and character? Are they asking about your concerns and the goals you wish to achieve with your Injectable treatment?  Are you two on the same page? Post treatment, are they willing to work with you, follow-up and re-evaluate your treatment results if necessary? Can you easily approach and communicate with them because they are someone you will continue to build a relationship with. Creating a relationship and working with the same injector over time can be very beneficial as they have the opportunity to fully get to know your individual facial anatomy and personal preferences.  

Do your due diligence, trust your gut and you will find the perfect cosmetic injector for you.