Is it a Good Idea to Get Cheap Botox?

You’ve most likely heard of Botox®, as it has been made popular by public figures and celebrities for more than a decade as a way to combat wrinkles. In fact, you probably know someone who has gotten Botox®  injections, whether or not they’ve admitted to it!

As a renowned treatment for helping those fine lines and wrinkles fade away, Botox®  makes it possible to prolong those youthful looks for much longer. Who doesn’t want to do that? Of course, Botox®  typically isn’t a cheap solution, and it should never be. Getting underpriced Botox® can be dangerous as the substance may not be authentic. We are here to warn you of the dangers of underpriced Botox® and why you should be avoiding it!  

Dangers of Cheap Botox

We know that it can be hard to pass up a good deal, but when it comes to Botox® your health and safety are the number one priority.  If the price of your injectables seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Finding an injector that is offering below-market priced injections can mean that the Botox® being used is not FDA approved or that the injector does not have the training and experience to be performing the service. Using unsafe injections or getting it from an untrained injector can increase your chances of the Botox® causing adverse effects (ex: droopy eyelids!).

The only time we recommend getting discounted injections is if it is from a trusted establishment like Allied Medical Aesthetics. Allied’s trusted injectors are properly trained with years of experience and we only ever use FDA-approved Botox®!

How Does Botox Work?

A Botox®  treatment consists of a series of injections in the selected areas. It works by relaxing facial muscles and essentially freezing the area temporarily. Prior to the injections, a topical numbing agent is applied, making it virtually pain-free. All in all, Botox®  is a welcome alternative to the permanent plastic surgery that involves long hours under the knife followed by a lengthy recovery; not to mention the potential risks involved.

Those unwanted facial lines between the eyebrows and around the eyes and mouth occur along muscle areas, where there is frequent movement and skin creasing. As we age, the lines become more prominent. However, because Botox®  freezes the selected muscle areas, the lines are smoothed out, making them less noticeable. In addition to helping unwanted wrinkles fade away, Botox®  injections can actually help prevent the formation of new lines.

Customized Treatments

The key to getting effective results with Botox®  lies in the customization of treatment for each recipient. For instance, finer lines will require less Botox®  than deeper lines to ensure a natural look. This is why you should rely on the specialists at Allied Medical Aesthetics, where they combine experience and state-of-the-art practice to give your natural beauty a boost.

Most Botox®  procedures take less than 30 minutes and require no downtime afterwards. Whether you want to schedule it during your lunch break or an extended outing, in addition to Botox®  treatments, Allied Medical Aesthetics offers everything from custom facials and personalized skin care treatment to lash extensions and waxing.

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