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Whether you call it a double chin, facial fat, or submental fullness, you probably don’t want excess fat under your chin. And thanks to KYBELLA®, you can get rid of it. The team at Allied Medical Aesthetics offers this minimally invasive treatment to help you put your best face forward. To learn more, call the office in Westminster, Colorado, or make your KYBELLA consultation appointment online today.

Kybella Q & A

What is KYBELLA?

KYBELLA is an injectable treatment specifically designed to get rid of the fat cells under your chin. The medical term for this is submental fullness, but most people refer to it by another name: a double chin. 

Whether you have a full double chin or you wish your profile looked a little more svelte, KYBELLA could be for you. It’s extremely effective at reducing the number of fat cells under your chin, slimming your appearance. In fact, it’s FDA approved, which means it’s both safe and proven to deliver results. 

How does KYBELLA work?

Your body naturally produces deoxycholic acid to break fat down within your digestive system. KYBELLA uses a synthetic version of that acid to tap into your body’s natural fat-reduction process. 

By injecting KYBELLA into your chin, your Allied Medical Aesthetics provider introduces deoxycholic acid, which destroys the fat cells in the area. Over time, your body processes and removes those fat cells, leaving you with a less full chin. This process usually takes a month or two. 

The results from KYBELLA are permanent. The destroyed fat cells don’t come back. Provided you maintain your results with a healthy diet and regular exercise, preventing the deposit of fat in the remaining fat cells under your chin, you can enjoy your KYBELLA results for life. 

Will I need multiple KYBELLA treatments?

It depends on your aesthetic goals. Some people achieve their desired profile with a single KYBELLA treatment. But most patients opt to have multiple treatments for a more noticeable reduction in the fullness under their chins. Over the course of clinical studies, the majority of patients achieved their desired results with six KYBELLA treatments. 

Talk with your Allied Medical Aesthetics provider about your aesthetic goals, and they can recommend a treatment program for you. Whether you get one KYBELLA treatment or six, you don’t need to worry about it creating an inconvenience in your life. Each treatment usually takes just 20 minutes and there’s no downtime. 

You’re not stuck with excess volume under your chin. To get started with KYBELLA, call Allied Medical Aesthetics or schedule your appointment online today. 

Individual results may vary.