Debbie Trombly, LMA

Lead Aesthetician

Simply Enhance the Natural You



With over two decades of experience in the Medical Aesthetic Industry, Debbie is a seasoned aesthetician, renowned for her dedication to patient care and advanced expertise. Prioritizing safety, compliance, and effectiveness, she leverages her profound knowledge of medical devices to deliver trusted services.

Debbie holds prestigious certifications in top-tier medical-grade skincare brands like OBAGI, SkinMedica, PCA SKIN, and Jane Iredale. She's proficient in utilizing state-of-the-art treatments such as the FDA-approved RejuvaPen Micro-Needling device, cutting-edge ADVATx Laser, DiamondGlow® dermal infusion, and PCA Skin Chemical Peels.

While her extensive credentials and experience set her apart, Debbie's true passion lies in educating her clientele, nurturing trust, and forging lasting relationships with her clients.


What we can do for you

Medical Grade Skin Care

If you want access to the best skin treatments available today, come to Allied Medical Aesthetics.

Chemical Peels

With this personalized treatment, our team helps your skin look its best.

ADVATx Laser Treatment

A new generation of medical lasers designed to treat wrinkles, fine lines and more!

B12 Injections

If you want a way to look and feel your best, it’s time to think about what your body needs.

Consultations (Virtual + In-Person)

At Allied Medical Aesthetics we offer a complementary consultations to determine services that simply enhance the natural you.


If you want smoother, more beautiful skin, ask the team at Allied Medical Aesthetics about dermaplaning.

DiamondGlow® Facial

A transformative medical skin care treatment that leaves your skin cleaner and better than ever.

Facials - Customizable

Designed to improve overall skin health and appearance of your skin. ‍Results are seen and felt immediately after your treatment.


If you’ve ever wanted smoother, more even skin, it’s time to ask the team at Allied Medical Aesthetics about microneedling.