B12 Injections

At Allied Medical Aesthetics, you have access to B-12 lipotropic injections and intravenous (IV) therapy to help boost your energy levels, weight-loss results, and overall wellness. To learn more, call the office or make an appointment online today.


These Lipolean injections are designed to kickstart your body's weight-loss processes. The lipotropic components of the injection help your body break down fat during its normal metabolic processes while preventing cholesterol buildup and helping your body remove toxins. That means you get better weight-loss results while protecting your muscle mass and feeling great.

Because the Allied Medical Aesthetics team prioritizes helping you feel your best, the lipotropic injections contain vitamin B-12 and other select vitamins. Not only does B-12 further support your weight-loss results, but it also gives you an energy boost.

In fact, some people choose to get B-12 injections even when they're not trying to lose weight because they like the natural pick-me-up the B-12 provides.


Talk with your Allied Medical Aesthetics provider about your wellness goals and they can tailor a treatment program to you. For example, if you want to lose weight,  lipotropic injections are typically recommended once or twice a week. You get the injection in your glute or deltoid muscle.

Similarly, you might get IV therapy regularly to help you feel your best. Or you might choose it periodically to accomplish a specific purpose, like preparing for a big vacation or helping yourself recover from a lingering illness. The therapy itself usually takes an hour or less, during which you relax as the fluid enters your bloodstream.

If you're curious about how these treatments can help you toward your wellness goals, don't hesitate to call Allied Medical Aesthetics or book a visit online.